8 Secrets of Long-Married Couples

8 Secrets of Long-Married Couples

Each person is unique. But there are values common to all people, regardless of race, religion, professional, or social background. I’m talking about a family. So, how to maintain a good relationship being together for many years? It is very easy!  

First: it is good to know your partner

What is “we know each other well”? Do you know all your partner’s habits? Do you know that your soulmate is not talkative in the morning? That he/she likes pop music? In fact, it’s good to know each other, but it’s not just about music and habits. It’s also about values: what is acceptable for your partner and what will he or she never do in his/her life? How much do your views on a relationship, a family, money, on friendship coincide? And how much do they diverge? It happens that many people either don’t know the values of their companions of life or they hope to redraw them for themselves. More often than not, these hopes are doomed to failure. Therefore, it is better to discuss everything in advance and find out your partner as best as possible from the very beginning than face an unexpected surprise after 5 years of living together.

Second: to find a goal that unites both

Many believe that love is already enough to be together. It’s true: it is enough but not for long because the common interests strengthen your feelings very well. It can be anything: building a house, caring for children, a common hobby, anything. The main thing is that the goal should be positive. After all, some couples fall into the trap of a negative goal, for example: “we are together to fight against our parents”, “we are together to spite everyone”, “we are together to someone becomes jealous”. Couples with negative goals can’t stay in a relationship for a long time.

Third: respect

Try to trust. Learn to forgive and negotiate. Try to respect the personal space of a partner: don’t spy on him/her, don’t check messages, and don’t start a fight because of small things.

Fourth: let there always be sex

Often have sex. After all, it’s a basic instinct. Try something new, seduce, and keep a sexual attraction for a partner. Sexual satisfaction of both is the guarantee of harmonious relations.

Fifth: don’t allow insults

This doesn’t mean that you can’t argue or defend your position. Simply, there are things that are difficult to forget, especially if you hear them in your address. Everyone has different boundaries of tolerance – someone loses patience at the words; someone keeps calm at the strongest expressions. Still, anyone can be hurt by words. So, don’t experiment with insults if you want to maintain a long relationship.

Sixth: don’t take offence over trifles

Those, who want to maintain their relations for a long time, will have to forget about insults because of trifles, blackmail, which allows you to quickly get what you want, hysterics, threats, and other manipulations. There remains laughter, coquetry, flirting, irony, and the ability to negotiate – this is a lot.

Seventh: don’t let everyday problems absorb you

Even if you are tormented by a domestic problem or all the forces are given to achieve an important goal, take some time to relax, look around, and work together on something pleasant: a delicious dinner, sex, watching a movie, going to friends.

Eighth: show your love to a partner

Don’t you partner accidentally forget that you love him/her? And love just for nothing and not for any achievements. Once again, show this. Don’t give gifts and arrange celebrations. Just hug, be nice, bring breakfast in the morning, and smile.

8 Secrets of Long-Married Couples
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