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6 Things To Keep In Mind While Talking To A Woman

6 Things to keep in mind while talking to a woman

It is not uncommon for men to be anxious before approaching a woman they like. You have probably experienced one of those awkward “what the hell do I say now” moments while talking to a lady you have interest in. Talking to women can be intimidating for most guys but women love men who are fun and easy to talk to. It is important to stay confident throughout the conversation to show the girl that you believe in what you saying and that you are happy to be with. She will see that you are a guy who is comfortable in his skin.
Below are 6 things to keep in mind while talking to a woman you are interested in.

Start off with a light topic

Pick a light topic that you can both chat about casually to avoid the conversation getting awkward. One way to bring a woman to open up is by focusing on being friends and having a good time. This will help you decide whether or not there is chemistry. Don’t ask her about her embarrassing moments as this can send her back to her shell. Instead, stick to the interesting topics that will not make her feel uncomfortable. For most women, opening up about their life is a very fragile moment so asking the wrong questions or too many questions can make her feel like she’s being interrogated. Try asking her to a friendly game such as darts where you can both relax and get to know each other a little more.

Focus on her, not you

When was the last time someone showed genuine interest in your dreams or goals? Women feel refreshed when you show a genuine interest in their lives and they will never forget how you made them feel while talking about their passion, dreams, and goals. It shows her that you are making an effort to get to know her and you really do care about her or about the things she’s been up to recently. You need to learn about the topics that get them excited and to learn to steer the conversation towards such topics. Once you have built a certain level of trust with a woman it becomes very easy for her to open up to you. If she chooses not to respond to you, she is probably not looking for someone at the moment or is not interested in you.

Be yourself

Remember that the girl is likely just as nervous as you so stay relaxed and be yourself. You don’t have to talk about things you don’t like just because you think it will make you look cool or make-up stories to get her attention. Women pick up on nonverbal body language very fast so if you are only interested in getting her number chances are she is not interested in you. Women want to feel special and for her to give you her number or even talk to you for more than 2 minutes she must feel a connection. The goal should be to make her see that you like talking to her without showing that you think your conversation is a big deal. Just take a deep breath, relax, be honest and talk about things that you are genuinely interested in instead of putting on an extra performance to win her.

Keep smiling

Smiling is especially very important when you start talking to the girl. Maintaining a smile will likely keep the girl interested in you and she is more likely to keep the conversation going. This will leave her with a positive feeling as it will show her that you really like talking to her. You may be too nervous to forget to smile so always remember to keep yourself in check and smile only when it is appropriate.

Make eye contact

Most shy guys have a hard time openly expressing interest to women and that is why eye contact is an excellent technique that they need to learn. Eye contact is subtle yet gets the point across while at the same time creating attraction with the woman. Don’t hold a hard, focused intense gaze the entire time you are talking to her or you may make her feel intimidated or creeped out. But you should try to look into her eyes as much as you can while she is talking to show her that you really care about what she is saying. The best way to attract a woman with eye contact is by smiling with your eyes (also known as “smising”). You must also project a warm friendly vibe.

Give her a compliment

A lot of women try this technique thinking it they will seduce a woman. However, they use lame pick up lines such as the classic “you are beautiful”; “you are stunning”; “I love the shape of your body.” When you compliment a woman about her looks she thinks of you as just another guy interested in her beauty. She has probably been told about how beautiful she is since she was 17 years old. The first rule to keep in mind is to never compliment a woman based on her physical appearance. Give her compliments that will create a connection and install comfort between the two of you. Here is a list of compliments you could give your woman.

  • I find you interesting.
  • I like your new haircut, it’s original and unique.
  • I like the way you think and reason.
  • You’re different from other women have met.
  • I like the way you dress. You have a great sense of fashion.


Some of the things that may make a woman uncomfortable are if you are nervous, putting yourself down or making comments about how you can’t find anything to talk about. This is likely to make her lose interest in you and she may never want to talk to you again. You don’t need to act like you are the most interesting guy in the world. Just act like you are confident and happy with being you and around her and the rest will follow into place. You could also try to increase libido to keep your woman interested in you.

6 Things To Keep In Mind While Talking To A Woman


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