5 Hidden Signs Your Good Guy Is Actually Manipulating You

Signs Good Guy Is Manipulating You

(3) He always brings up bitter memories and your past.

It’s okay to make mistakes in relationships. We all do. We all learn from them. A manipulative guy will always bring up some mistakes you made in the past. You might have said sorry a million times but no matter what, he will bring it up and make you feel guilty. He tells you that he has forgiven you but in reality, he has not.

He plays with your guilt and consciousness and makes the situation bitter. You will feel sorry for him and for hurting him. Think about it. Do you really deserve this?

(4) He doesn’t give you space.

How many times did you have to cancel your movie date with friends because your ‘Nice-Guy’ was feeling lonely and wanted you to be with him?

Have you been able to go on trips with your friends because he was not comfortable with it? How many times you had to explain why you couldn’t pick up his call or meet him?

Ask yourself. Don’t you feel suffocated? You know your guy is manipulating you when he will never give you your space and let you lead a life on your own.

He will always use the excuses of ‘caring’, ‘ protective’ and similar other things to show you how much he loves you and that whatever he is doing is for your own good. Don’t keep on tolerating this.

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(5) He questions your feelings for him.

Manipulative people are scared of getting revealed. So, in order to know that you are still their puppet, they will keep on questioning your feelings for them. In turn, they will show their love for you and make you feel that you will commit a crime if you ever try to break away from them.

Do not go on tolerating these nonsensical behaviors. If you find any of these signs in your partner, confront him directly and call it off if needed. There are nice men in this world too. Don’t let your guy keep on manipulating you, because you deserve a lot better than that.

5 Hidden Signs, Your Good Guy Is Actually Manipulating You
Hidden Signs Good Guy Is Manipulating You Pin
5 Hidden Signs Your Good Guy Is Actually Manipulating You
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