27 Beautiful Surreal Places To Visit Before You Die

Beautiful Surreal Places Visit Before You Die

The beauty of the world isn’t fully explored and won’t be ever as it has so many fascinating places to visit, some being popular while more with an underrated tag. Have you ever been to a place that reminded you of your ‘dreamland’? Isn’t it exciting to track down the unique places you idolized in romantic fiction and medieval novels? How will you feel when you travel somewhere and that beautiful place matches your ‘utopic’ vision of the world? Seek the traveler in you and give wings to it to land in some of the exquisite surreal places to visit that are a treat to the eyes.

Here are 27 fascinating surreal spots standing tall in all its magnificence and grandeur that you would like to visit before you die:

1. Zhangye Danxia landform in Gansu, China

27 Beautiful Surreal Places To Visit Before You Die

If you want to experience God’s beauty at its best, you can’t afford to miss this one. Being located in the eastern hillocks of the majestic Qilian Mountains, the spectacular danxia landforms aren’t just gorgeous as it would be too short an adjective but rather you will hardly believe this astonishing mountain formation even after a splendid view.

Here nature weaves its magic that will make you forget the dull and drudgery of daily life. No doubt, it will boost your yearning for travel in more ways than one. Can you believe there exists a ‘real’ mountain, yes, you heard it right ‘real’, that’s delineated in rainbow colors? If you feel something is unnatural, you must come this side.

2. The swing at the “End of the World” in Baños, Ecuador

27 Beautiful Surreal Places To Visit Before You Die

Playground swings are enjoyable but let’s face it- they’re frightening. Luckily, the swing at the “End of the World” doesn’t fit into it. It’s the unique location of the swing (2600 meters above sea level) that attracts visitors of all sorts. It’s a paradise for nomadic souls and adventurous swingers as the swing just hang over a steep slope. On top of that, the mesmerizing yet terrifying Tungurahua Volcano will meet your eyes.

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3. The Great Blue Hole in Belize

27 Beautiful Surreal Places To Visit Before You Die

If you expect roaring waves and terrifying storms here, you are at the wrong place. The magnificence of the calm ocean view is unparalleled of all sorts. Also, it has something else to offer. Researchers are of the view that this giant sinkhole was formed in glacial ages millions of years ago. The Great Blue Hole forms a perfect circle amidst the Lighthouse Reef that has been enlisted in the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sights.

4. Tulip fields in the Netherlands

27 Beautiful Surreal Places To Visit Before You Die

When you experience vast green patches filled with magnificent colors, words will naturally stuck in the mouth. However, for encountering the tulips at its finest leading to a colorful patchwork quilt, this beautiful spot is a must must visit for travelers during the months of March, April, and May. It’s indeed a heaven for photographers and yes, who can resist clicking a selfie standing amidst the alluring tulip fields.

5. The Hang Son Doong cave in Quang Binh Province, Vietnam

27 Beautiful Surreal Places To Visit Before You Die

With the exploration of an underwater tunnel, the world’s largest Hang Son Doong cave has gone larger. Being always a favorite for adventurous souls, this cave has added attractions in the form of tallest known stalagmites (80 meters) and precious cave pearls.

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