15 Signs Your Neediness Is Scaring Your Man Away

15 Signs Your Neediness Is Scaring Your Man Away


Depending on your partner is healthy but too much of dependency is harmful. Do you need your partner 24*7? Do you believe that being a couple means staying glued to one another? Well if this is the case, then you are probably one of those super-clinging people and this is definitely not good for your relationship. You are just scaring your man away. He might try to rectify you but patience and tolerance have their limits.

Wondering where to draw the line? Wondering how to figure out whether your neediness is scaring your man away?

Look for these 15 signs:


(1)  You are constantly pushing him to change his Facebook status:

Changing Facebook status from ‘being single’ to ‘ in a relationship’ might fetch you a number of likes but if your man is not ready to do it, don’t push him. He might be a very private person or he might need time to make the relationship public. Pushing him means you are too demanding and needy. If you trust in him, then why do you need to tell everything to public?


(2)  You always ask his permission for whatever you do:

Your partner is not your babysitter. Asking for his permission in whatever you are doing is not a sign of love. It’s clinginess. It’s your life. He loves you because of the person you are. Just be that and spare him from being your guardian.


(3)  He often asks you to give you space:

Wanting space doesn’t mean he is running away from you but if this has been happening quite often, then he will probably run away from you. He wants space from you because your clinginess is suffocating him.


(4)  You always post everything you do with him on the social media:

Most men hate PDAs and too much of posting couple things on the social media. The two of you are in a relationship. That’s great. But making the social media your drawing room is a sign of being needy. Why do you always need his social media presence in your life? You might have been hearing it from him, how he feels uncomfortable when you do this. Listen to him before he runs away.


(5)  He has started hanging out with his friends too much:

Couples have their own sweet time together. However, if you find him going out with his friends too much, then probably he is looking for some space or some fresh air. He might be avoiding you or cheating on you but whatever it is, it definitely indicates that he is trying to run away from you.


(6)  You interrogate him all the time:

It’s okay to ask if he had his lunch or what will he be having for dinner but asking what he did every second when he was not with you is definitely objectionable. You don’t need to know each and every detail no matter how close you are. This freaks him out.


(7)  He just answers with the ‘yes’:

Don’t take the positive ‘yes’ for granted. If he is answering with ‘yes’ all the time, he is probably avoiding deep conversations with you. He is affirming to stay away from your clinginess.


(8)  He often asks you why don’t you spend time with your friends:

He wants you to go out and have fun with your friends. He cares for you and he needs his own space too.


(9)  You are extremely demanding:

A relationship is not just about receiving but also giving. Parading continuously with ‘I WANT’ will force him to leave you.


(10)  He has been telling you to be independent:

Has he been repeatedly telling you to be independent? This doesn’t mean he is not willing to take your responsibilities. It means he wants you to be independent and nurture your individuality. If you are independent, you will develop your own sphere of life and create a healthy space in your relationship.


(11)  You always stick to him:

It’s absolutely normal for couple doing things together but if you continuously stick to him all the time, then he will feel suffocated. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean doing everything together.


(12)  You don’t know what to do when he is not around:

He has tons of work other than things he does with you but you feel bored when he is not around. This is extremely dangerous and toxic for your relationship. You can’t be his shadow all the time. Even shadows vanish at noon and midnight. You need to explore yourself so that he can see you evolving.


(13)  You always try to contact him when he is not around:

Keeping in touch is good but too much of nosiness becomes neediness. He will probably run away if you do this all the time.


(14)  You don’t like him spending his time with his friends and family:

If he spends some time with his friends and family without you, there’s nothing wrong in it. Fighting with him for doing so will scare him off.


(15)  Only he is your happiness:

We all have flaws. Just one person, no matter how close they are can never be the source of happiness. If you rely only on him for your happiness, that becomes a burden for him and he would run away.

Togetherness is not about staying together physically or keeping in constant touch. When you are connected by your hearts, physical distances are just mere letters.


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15 Signs Your Neediness Is Scaring Your Man Away 


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