14 Famous Signatures and The Meanings Behind Them

  • Strike-throughs: generally associated with those who are self-critical
  • Circles or loops: craves reassurance, overthinks most circumstances
  • Dotting: makes presence known, not easily forgotten
  • Use of initials: private person


Famous Signatures

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Every influential creative has their own unique signature. We’ve gathered some of the most famous signatories from various art forms to determine their signatures’ meanings and how those qualities are reflected in their life and work.


Autographs are valuable to collectors for a variety of reasons. Not only do they represent a particularly memorable event or bear historical significance, but they can also reveal a bit about the interests of those who collect them.

The practice of collecting famous signatures dates back to the ancient Romans and Greeks and becomes even more relatable after understanding what a signature can reveal an individual’s personality. As time goes on, signatures will continue to hold value and prestige, depending on scarcity and other important factors.

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Written by Emma Welsh
Source – Invaluable.com

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