10 Signs that Your Childhood with an Alcoholic Parent Is Still Affecting You Today

10 Signs that Your Childhood with an Alcoholic Parent Is Still Affecting You Today


⦁ You Cannot Attach Yourself to a Home

For children of alcoholic parents, the home is a scary place. It’s an unpredictable environment that can be happy from time to time, but it’s mostly chaotic. You did not grow up with the feeling that home was your safe spot, and you may still feel that way.


⦁ You’re Inflexible

Speaking of the unpredictable environment, it made you unable to deal with sudden changes. When your parent came to an outburst of anger or improper behavior, you felt out of control. That’s why a sudden change of plan can trigger your anxiety even today.
You feel safer when you’re in a situation dictated by predictability and routine.


⦁ You Blame Yourself for Too Many Things

Children have a tendency to blame themselves for the mistakes of their parents. It’s how their innocent nature works; they are always trying to justify other people, so they find themselves guilty of things they did not cause.
Many people maintain this attitude towards themselves as they grow up. They think that blaming others and justifying themselves would make them selfish or egotistical. Whenever something goes wrong, they feel like somehow, it’s their fault.


⦁ You Have Low Self-Esteem

While you were growing up, you were always afraid of the way your parent would act in public. You were afraid they would embarrass you at parent-teacher meetings, and you were always afraid to invite friends to your home. If you were not getting approval from your parent, you grew up seeking for it in other people.
This situation affected your self-esteem. Do you still see the results? Are you still seeking approval? Maybe you’re not comfortable in public? That’s all a result of your childhood.


⦁ You’re Prone to Depression

Researchers found that the parent’s alcoholism increased a person’s inclination to substance abuse, anxiety, and depression. These people grew up in an unhappy and unstable environment, which affected their entire lives. Childhood fear and trauma may easily develop into anxiety and depression.

You Recognized a Sign. Now What?

It’s time to face your past. You were a child of an alcoholic. It’s okay. You are you – an entirely different person. Yes; the behavior of your parent affected you. When you identify those issues, however, you’ll be able to address them.

This was chronic trauma that affected you really deeply, so you may need the help of a psychotherapist to deal with the problem. Don’t hold back to seek such assistance when you notice any sign that your parent’s alcoholism is still affecting you today.

10 Signs that Your Childhood with an Alcoholic Parent Is Still Affecting You Today

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