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10 Nightmares And What They Are Trying To Tell You

10 Nightmares And What They Are Trying To Tell You

7. Of the dead:

10 Nightmares And What They Are Trying To Tell You

Some people dream of a close relative or someone dear to them who recently died and is terrified with the thought that their spirits are about to haunt them. To be very frank, dreams of the dead is not at all related to haunting. It simply means your mind is trying to process the loss and grief connected to it.

When you dream of your own death, you might actually be undergoing some physical illnesses which are making you highly aware of your own mortality. 

Dreams of death in general mean you are having difficulty in letting something or someone go – it could be your job, your house, your ex, or even some of your past traumatic experiences.

This could also mean you are having difficulty accepting changes that might be happening in your life. 

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8. Nightmares about ghosts:


If you have repeated dreams of ghosts, monsters and shadow people, it might indicate some repressed traumatic, stressful incidents like molestation, sexual abuse or victimization of some sorts which immediately need to be resolved. 

Dreams of ghosts generally indicate extreme fear or anxiety related to something.

9. Apocalypse:

10 Nightmares And What They Are Trying To Tell You

Vivid and chilling scenes of an apocalypse that might be brought about by a huge tsunami, alien attacks, asteroid, earthquake, or volcanic eruptions either point to an important transformation that is about to happen or is already happening in your life.

The transformation is generally drastic and significant, often stressful and anxiety-provoking like the beginning of professional or married life, divorce, or the death of near and dear ones.

10. Missing important events:

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10 Nightmares And What They Are Trying To Tell You

Missing important life events like a job interview, an important exam, a social event in your dreams is a very common theme of a nightmare. These types of dreams leave you feeling helpless, anxious, mortified and disappointed.

Similarly, in waking life, are you disappointing yourself by not being able to live up to your own expectations?

Most of these dreams occur when a person fails to keep up to his own expectations or the expectations of others. It can be a life-long or immediate goal but if you are repeatedly frustrating yourself by not being able to reach your goals, you might have more of these dreams.

Ask yourself, “Are my goals and expectations realistic?” “Are they achievable?”

Reflect on your choices of goals and their contrast to your real potentials. 

We often believe these nightmares to have some paranormal indications, which is absolutely not the case, even if we like to believe so. Nightmares, like dreams, have their roots in our unconsciousness and are triggered by psychological issues.

Now it’s your turn…

Are these nightmares simply symptomatic of an underlying clinical condition? Or do they have other supernatural connotations? Let me know in the comments section what you think of your nightmares.


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10 Nightmares And What They Are Trying To Tell You
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