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Zodiac Signs When The Check Comes At Dinner

Zodiac Signs When The Check Comes At Dinner

When The Check Comes At Dinner

ARIES: Pressures everyone to play credit card roulette

TAURUS: Refuses to split evenly because they only got an appetizer

GEMINI: Leaves their number on the receipt

CANCER: Secretly paid the full bill when they went to the bathroom

LEO: Tips 35% to stroke their ego

VIRGO: Gets frazzled and forgets how to sign their own name

LIBRA: Is shocked that the silver fox two tables over didn’t pay for it

SCORPIO: Charms the server into letting the whole table get happy hour prices even though it ended an hour ago

SAGITTARIUS: Is still in the middle of the story they’ve been telling all night

CAPRICORN: Insists on putting their card down and doesn’t let anyone get up from the table without Venmoing them

AQUARIUS: Asks if they accept euros

PISCES: Slips out and leaves someone else to pick up their tab

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