Zodiac Signs Responding To Criticism

Zodiac Signs Responding To Criticism

How They Respond To Criticism  

Aries: Will threaten to beat you up if they haven’t already

Taurus: Pretends to be big enough to take it, cries and shovels ice cream into their mouth once they’re alone

Gemini: Will either take it really well or stab you in your sleep depending on their mood

Cancer: Throws a fit at the word “criticism”

Leo: Takes it like a champ on the outside but is having an actual breakdown on the inside

Virgo: “No You” Libra: Probably isn’t even listening to you to be honest

Scorpio: Gets incredibly defensive and tries to dismiss the conversation

Sagittarius: Usually aloof and above it, half because they can actually take criticism and half because they don’t care

Capricorn: Starts roasting criticizing you back

Aquarius: Makes it obvious that they’re not listening, will interrupt you or try to initiate a completely unrelated conversation

Pisces: Panic! at the Hot Take

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