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Your Heart Is Still Intact

Your heart is still intact the way it should be. Nobody has the strength to break you and the character you have built over a long time. The Love, peace, strength, joy, happiness and hope you gave away were the ones shattered and not the ones inside you. Maybe you don’t have to nurse the pain of depriving yourself or any other person for the best versions of these things deep inside you. They should be paying for their shortsightedness in not seeing the big picture. I don’t think, anyone has enough of such power of breaking your heart. They only have the privileged power to open your heart, mind, soul, body and eyes to a lot of possibilities which ordinarily would take you a lot of energy to figure out on your own. They are energy savers, not drainers and are only just a step in your journey, towards perfection if you are sensitive enough to every positivity or negativity they have deposited in you.

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