Victor Ochijele


In the darkest and loneliest of nights, I could feel the rhythm and vibrations of my thoughts.


Seeking every medium to fault people way better than you, in certain aspects of life doesn't justify your incompetence.


So many people find gratification in the comments of others about themselves; that's where competition and envy come in.

The Night Is Dark And Full Of Terrors

We will all get through this dark and terrifying night

Your Heart Is Still Intact

Nobody has the strength to break you and the character you have built over a long time.

The World Has Seen Worse Diseases

Envy, Avarice, Plundering, Villainy, Oppression, Hunger, Covetousness,

The Contagious Cure

Maybe it doesn't matter, how death is death after all.

And We Always Will

What we share internally, is far beyond whatever is attempting, to share us externally.


We all owe our mistakes a lot.

Excesses Of Love

In keeping the one we love, we believe