You Learn More About Someone

You learn more about someone

You learn more about someone at the end of the relationship than at the beginning.

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  1. Ithink that some people are: what u see is what u get…put ur effort into living …if u want to get to know some one there's nothing wrong with that if ur attracted to them..physically….but there has to be a meeting ov the minds…otherwise its just lust!!…lust fades…what u left with!?….give me a meeting of the minds any day!…the bodies a bonus!!…lol…

  2. I feel by the end of the relationship, you have learned all you needed to know. The beginning everything is new, exciting, you notice every little detail. We become bored when learning stops thus become stagnant and relationships end. So, I feel we do not lean more about a person at the end of a relationship. Its the beginning. The end is when you learn how they handle seperation.

  3. Many people think this way these days… Knowing a person is a different game each time. What you love at the beginning may just get irritating at the end. God ! Can we actually ever decide

  4. To get down to the true person, see how they are under pressure. I love the suggestion, 'Before you marry that person, sit them down in front of a computer with very slow Internet and see how they act." At the end of my breakup, he was like a completely different person. Not the man I loved at all. Which one was the true self? The one at the beginning or end?

  5. Or at the new beginning which comes after a break up of a year. Don't judge please but it made is stronger older and wiser. And we were very shore we wanted to be together forever .

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