Winter Jamming

Winter Jamming

“In order to keep moving in harmony with the inner and outer worlds, you must constantly stay within balance.” – said the winter sun and took the throne high above the mountains….

Sunday afternoon. The sun is shining on the winter horizon. Here, in a distant land, on the other side of the rainbow, right in the middle of the Balkans. This is where the sun comes regularly to charge its power, or so it seems to us, because we also go out to blaze on it every chance we get. And we get them pretty much, all throughout the year – days full of glorious sunshine.

The windows were open for about an hour. It’s winter. It’s cold outside. Yet, the sun is blasting through the horizon, warming up the trees, melting down the ice, blessing us with another perfect lazy winter Sunday.

Sunshine upon the frozen streets. The snow glitters. “But, the sun bites’, that’s how we say it here, ‘the sun bites, this sun has teeth”, it’s below zero, it’s freezing cold. The snow glitters excitedly below the sun rays. Not the same as up in the mountains, though. And my mind instantly wanders through stored memories of silver glitters of pure untouched mountain snow, spread so excitedly below a huge palette of high mountain sun rays, producing a rainbow of glittering snow waves….snow art of purest kind, pure nature…ice and fire…….that is how the world was made…….

Pure alchemy!- I shriek secretly inside myself, in childish funny tone, the purest of them all, and the child inside of me lets the window open for just one moment, for the colors of winter are here to be looked at and admired, and the shapes and forms, melting and blowing away in front of our eyes. Merely driven by nature.

This city shall arise another city tomorrow. And it’s OK.

The ice will melt. The streets shall be clean again. It’s good that after a minor winter storm, we have beautiful warm days like this one. Nature keeps its balance so that we can live easier.

Why are we trying to destroy it so persistently?

Why are we so eager to destroy ourselves!?

People are the strangest species in the Universe. To know all this and still behave like idiots…I don’t know…sometimes I make fun of myself, saying I am an alien, or maybe abducted by them, or by sirens, regardless, I swim in opposite directions…period…off-course…but never off-balance….

Everything moves. Everything is, therefore, constantly going in its own direction in life. All things interact and therefore I see life as the most complex and most perfect dance of the Universe. And please understand that we people dance gooodddd. J

That’s what I was thinking about on that beautiful sunny day…or should I say: night (for it comes so quickly in winter)….

Winter Jamming

There is something about the night that escapes the day. And yet, there is something about the day that escapes the night. I can never seem to make up my mind as to which one of those I personally love better.

And those two are in perfect balance with each other, even though at certain times one of them seems to have the advantage …and vice versa later on …..

Now, that is something one can spend time thinking about………..

But not today.

Not this winter day.

The sun is warning me to shut up.

The moon is silvering the throne away…………