Viola Damjanovski

On disabilities

Nothing in life is physical. One can disregard the physical disabilities and proceed with everything. One has to understand that it is the whole being that creates.

Winter Jamming

The streets shall be clean again. It’s good that after a minor winter storm, we have beautiful warm days like this one. The Minds Journal

The Mushroom Spoke Again

fortunate is the one who finds the missing piece -the other sex of the Self;unfortunate are those suffocated by loneliness becoming greedy

make a wish

we all need a little magic sometimes,  and magic knows 😉 

The Dream of the Butterfly

The Dream of the Butterfly ,was always the same! - she had to endure all temporalities

“The Jersey Girl” uploaded again

who is a Jersey Girl? There's a chance you're one - but residency isn't all it takes. , “The Jersey Girl” uploaded again . The Minds Journal

“Don’t Panic!” – said the book!

Nothing is as bad as it seems. And out of every bad situation, something good arises after a period of time…. ,“Don't Panic!” – said the book!

Little musings on self-respect (a different point of view)

If we make a difference between ego and self, we extract the one from the other, , Little musings on self-respect (a different point of view)