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Why Do People Take Drugs

Why Do People Take Drugs

There are many reasons why a person might use drugs. Though the dangers are apparent from a distance, the lines can become blurred as you get closer to the emotionally charged situations that may lead to drug use. From the excitement of a party to the depression following a trauma, there are many things that make it easier to start using drugs.

Social Participation

Social Participation
Why Do People Take Drugs

Many people start taking drugs in a social atmosphere. Certain parties and events glorify drug use. Peer pressure is heavy in this type of environment, which can cause even a hesitant user to give something a try. For individuals who are more intrigued than concerned, the right environment can make drugs feel like an opportune activity for some fun. As people become accustomed to social use, they’re more likely to become addicted and seek out drugs on their own.


Drugs can have many different effects depending on their type and use. Some people begin to leverage these effects as a form of self-medication. If you’re asking “why do people take drugs?”, you should also ask “what are these people struggling with?” Getting high can offer temporary relief from some of the symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. 

Unfortunately, the same substances that might seem to help will also cause lasting physical harm. It’s always better to work with a licensed health care professional.

Coping Mechanisms

Drug use has a noticeable impact on the mind. After a traumatic event or emotional loss, drugs can offer a kind of mindless escape. Studies have shown a connection between traumatic experiences and substance use disorders. For individuals in pain, this can be very appealing. Using drugs to simply drift away from the pain or horrors that you’ve experienced may feel like the perfect solution at the moment.

It’s important to remember that drugs can’t provide a long-term solution for this kind of pain. Therapy is a more effective option as it helps you face the trauma or loss and work through it. If you run away, these challenges will simply follow.


Boredom often occurs when an individual feels stuck in their current circumstances and lacks the motivation to change them. People who feel trapped in an unrewarding job, lackluster relationship, or seemingly endless routine of caring for others may start seeking relief through quick and accessible means. 

Drugs offer a fast solution to feelings of frustration or listlessness, but they don’t do anything to solve the underlying problem. When the high wears off, the user is still in the same boring situation. Taking action to change one’s circumstances is a healthier and more productive solution, but this can seem nearly impossible to some. Reaching out for help can give you the supportive push you need to get unstuck.

While drugs may seem to offer an effective solution to some of life’s problems, they ultimately cause more issues than they solve. If you’re struggling with drug use, seek out the help you need to resolve the underlying cause in a healthy and lasting manner.