Who you share your weaknesses with

Has it happened with you too ? you shared something with someone in the flow of a conversation and later regretted you hadn’t. This happens – has happened with me. And now I am selective of the things I share with many. It’s good to be an open book, but it’s better to be guarded too. You never know who you are talking too.
What are your thoughts on this ?



  1. yes, i know who is truely happy and who supports for my happiness. so now when they ask or say something either my reply will be a smile , a nod or a very short word. i don't like when people talk behind your back and laugh about you and your happiness.

  2. We'll I'm native an im also. Honest truefu person I never say any thing I have to be sorry for I'll be as tespicfu I can but I'm a forward Agressive. Extrovert. An say what's on my mind if they don't like they can walk away cause I'll never have to say I'm sorry for any thing I
    Say. Period


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