Whenever You Think You are Not Good Enough, Please Remember This

Whenever You Think You are Not Good Enough, Please Remember This

To all the people out there who frequently think they are not good enough, I want you to know that someone have forgotten those words since you came into their lives.

Whenever you are feeling low, I want you to know that you have no right to feel so. There are countless of reasons why you are here in this world. You have a purpose. You have the power and the strength. You wouldn’t be here if you are not good enough. Those weaklings have fallen a long time ago. You are not one of them. You are different.

Whenever you feel that the odds are against you, I want you to know that they have come to you because they got attracted to the walls of strength that glimmer around you. You may not have yet realized how strong are you until this time. But I want you to look back. Look back a bit. See the roads behind you where your fallen enemies lie. You have gotten this far. You have won battles. Why would you let your self-doubt conquer you after all these years? They are not even worth shrugging your shoulders.

Whenever things start to get tough, I want you to know that your life is just getting spiced up. Challenges mean that you have passed a level and you’re ready to take a step higher. Keep on rising. I’m sure, no matter who you are or where you are, someone got your back. Yes, there’s a guardian angel for everyone.

While I am confident that you can do it on your own, I still want you to know that you are not alone. Keep on pushing yourself past the limit of what you think you can do. I want you to know that someone believes in you more than you could ever think of. Someone sees you as someone who can conquer the world. If they believe in you, why the hell can’t you?

Yes, there will be bumps ahead. But those would only make the end goal sweeter.  Your family, your loved one, your real friends will be there, supporting you all the way. And they will be with you until you get there. So don’t give up on yourself. Let the love of the people around you serve as your armor whenever you feel that the dark is swallowing you. Let your faith burn so hard you wouldn’t even feel afraid even for a second.

To everyone out there who thinks they are not good enough, keep in mind that the standards of others do not define who you are. Whatever they think about you does not define your worth. You are the best. Keep on telling it to yourself.

Let the lonely nights, criticism, lies, betrayals, heartbreaks and failures hone you. Let love, faith and hope make you unbreakable. Remember, this world doesn’t need you to be perfect. You are only here once. Don’t let your self-doubt dictate you how to live.


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