What would you ask for ?

What would you ask for ?

What would you ask for ?

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  1. Yet, those memories were meant to be what they were and perhaps there would have been no more which you would not savor. The adage I use is that people are in your life for a reason, a season, a lifetime. Rarely, do we find we have people who are meant to be in our lives for a lifetime. We have people though who like you know bring us memories for a season, or teach us something in a reason. Do we really want to continue learning from the same people, person who is no doubt also on their own journey? Do we really want our sadness at not being with them to interfere with the natural process of when and where people enter and for the time with us to be longer than perhaps meant to be because we have loved and loss?

  2. 🙂 If this privelege was really guaranteed, I would have asked God- "…please enlighten me to the extent, where your wish becomes my earnest and joyful purpose, without any doubt or fear or complaint!"

  3. Nancy, I am also a widow. I think I would want to know he is at peace. He was not perfect, he was at the time very young, only 20, months away from his 21st birthday. I was already 21 years old. We were both young. So to me, he will always not quite be a man. He and I were young soldiers, new parents. In my mind's eye he will always be the age which he was killed. I would want to know after all these years, whether my prayers for him to be forgiven and go to heaven were answered. I would want to know he is at peace. I know you miss your husband. I hope someday, you find comfort in his memory and of your love. Be Well.

  4. Forgiveness. I think sometimes we are haunted by what we do, if we have a conscious there are things for which fall under when we know better, we do better. Yet, the learning curve may be such that until we know better we make mistakes. Mistakes which we learn from if our quest is to be emotionally evolved, and we realize and remember those we have hurt in our process. Sometimes, we have a profound effect on others in regards to the mistakes we make in our quest and at their expense. So, if I knew the answer would be yes, I would ask for forgiveness.

    1. Everyone needs a fresh start in life, and I'm starting over and I have creative ideas… It takes money to make money… Money is the freedom to help others also <3

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