What would you ask for ?

What would you ask for ?

What would you ask for ?

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  1. Aissatou Sunjata Avatar
    Aissatou Sunjata

    Yet, those memories were meant to be what they were and perhaps there would have been no more which you would not savor. The adage I use is that people are in your life for a reason, a season, a lifetime. Rarely, do we find we have people who are meant to be in our lives for a lifetime. We have people though who like you know bring us memories for a season, or teach us something in a reason. Do we really want to continue learning from the same people, person who is no doubt also on their own journey? Do we really want our sadness at not being with them to interfere with the natural process of when and where people enter and for the time with us to be longer than perhaps meant to be because we have loved and loss?

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