What Next Dear?

What Next Dear?

Beside the moon, swallowed the sun,

All the stars count, now what next, dear?

Don’t stop, don’t stop, and keep moving,

May you fall in your feet.

Do not bend, do not tumble,

Stay stubborn, Look at your luck!

I drank the nectar, even lived life like poison!

Unseen views, now what next, dear?

Do not burn, do not melt, and keep on heating,

Whether the sun comes in front!

Do not fade, do not fade, persist,

If the sea comes, say excuse us.

By cutting the mountains, a place of rest is to be built!

The sea has to be overturned, to quench its thirst!

Earth dances happily, now what next, dear?

There will be one more floor ahead of the destination,

Watching the world carefully will distract your attention!

But I believe in you, in my upbringing,

You will cross all these storms in one effort.

Because I am ahead of every floor,

As long as you keep going, I will keep getting in,

As long as you have courage, I will keep courage,

When you feel you have got everything dear,

Just do a question to yourself,

Now what next, dear?

Now what next, dear?

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