Do You Remember All The Times That You Needed A Hug

Remember Times Needed A Hug

Do you remember all the times that you needed a Hug? But there wasn’t anyone to hug you. What if you had been taught, to hug yourself? What if, self-love was more than a manifestation of the mind? And each morning you stopped and told yourself (with a hug), that you loved yourself. How different might this world be?

27 thoughts on “Do You Remember All The Times That You Needed A Hug”

  1. Avatar of Classic Sam

    My thoughts are, self love is important because one can rely completely only on one's self, not any other. One can trust himself and for that trust he will forever be grateful.

  2. Avatar of Terry D. Pickron

    …all that one wants to give to others must start in the ''self ''…this I learned early and taught my children…then there is society and confusion that misleads and lies…

  3. Avatar of Lioness Leo Ramsay

    Makes a lot of sense, giving yourself a hug is joy to your soul. I believe that it does have any influence on your day. Hugging yourself maybe the only hug that you get for the day, why not try it. To me it means showing love to yourself. I think its worth it.

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