What are we really MISSING?

What are we really missing

Missing them?

If they hurt you, you are not missing THEM, you are missing what you thought of them.

You thought they were the cure but they left you hurt,

You thought they were the joy but they left you sad,

You expected a lot from them but they left you disappointed,

You waited for them to come back but they left you abandoned,

We love, we expect, we give and we wait, thinking it will always pay off.


Our minds and hearts sometimes play games, making us believe what we want to believe, making us blind to all the signs and red lights clearly apparent.

What we miss is the image we had of them, not the reality of them.

So, before you think of reaching out to those who hurt you, remember how many nights you spent sad and alone and they never blinked an eye.

You are worth it so love yourself first.

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