We Suffer Because, We Imagined Different.

imagined different

Things are as they are. We suffer because, We imagined different.

17 thoughts on “We Suffer Because, We Imagined Different.”

  1. sometimes things have to be changed, despite of our imaginations, because they are abusing, terrifying, unjust , … e.g. imagine a little girl, captivated for years in a basement; your quote doesn't work for her, or many other situation … it would be much more accurate if we don't "generalize" everything in our quotes; however we can use the word "sometimes" to make it work.

  2. Non-Existence <3
    For lovers, there is a dying at every moment:
    truly, the dying of lovers is not of one kind.
    The lover has two hundred lives from the Soul of Guidance,
    and he is sacrificing those two hundred at every instant.
    Rumi <3

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