Way To A Happy Life

way happy life

You’re stressed ‘coz you allow the sadness to surround you So

Allow the happiness in your life by surrounding yourself with positivity

You’re stressed ‘coz you let the desires overpower you

So direct it before it directs you

You’re stressed ‘coz you want people to love you the way you want

But wait and give them the chance to shower their love

Surely you’ll be overwhelmed by it

You’re stressed ‘coz you have drawn boundaries for you

Let your spirit flow free into the wilderness

You’re ‘coz you have made your life more judgemental

So put a stop to it and see the beauty of life

You’re stressed ‘coz in the process of growing up and fast-moving world

You’ve killed your inner child

You’re stressed ‘coz you’re are searching for the solution all-around so to be happy

But remember my dear
You yourself is the solution and
You yourself is the problem
Change your perception
And the world will change around you,

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