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Tiny Tales for Instant Brew Word ‘Victim’

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By Akwana Wa Odera 

If I’m the one on the wrong then let me be
Lets move on as if nothing happened
Lets forget I ever was hurt
Lets pretend and forge a head
But don’t keep coming in the name of talking
Dont look at me with sympathy pretending to care
Just be true and be yourselves!

I’ll be here sitting
Keeping to myself
Watching me die a little more inside
I won’t lie I do cry
The pain is too overwhelming i can’t deny
But to be ok I’m sure I will
It’s not the first time I’ve been low and kept it lowkey
I’ll just hid my tears and be strong for me
For I’m the only reason why I don’t flip
I got me for me
I’ll just hold it all in till I can’t take in any more
Then maybe i’ll bust and it’ll be the end of the show!?

Akwana Wa Odera
© 2017


By Jaimie Mazzone 

I will no longer play the role of your puppet
and dance in this masquerade.
I no longer associate myself with my past regrets.

I forgive myself and others
that I may have hurt
on the path to self-discovery.

I rise with the sun
and bow down to the moon,
I do not have to explain myself to others
and do not need to wear this mask

I have created and labeled as the “Victim.”


By Debra Pry 

I keep moving forward, because I refuse to be a victim..

If life has taught me anything, it’s not to dwell on past mistakes..

Everyone has or will make them..

We all go through something in life that changes us, whether it’s a break up, divorce or death that leaves us broken..

But we are all passing through in this journey and no one is promised tomorrow..

That’s why I live for today and the moments that make me happy..

Life is to short not to be.

By Shrila Singh 

How can I fall in love with you again? 

You’re not the same person anymore. You changed when I first loved you and, I changed when you first left me. So, when you lean in close and whisper that you’re falling in love with me again, after all this time, make sure you’re in love with me and, not the memories….

PS: Truth is sometimes the person you want to be with, is the person you’re better without. Don’t be a victim of your own dreams

By Gouri Banerji 


I’m a victim…
Of circumstance
Of fate
Of enmity
Of love
Of hate
I’m a victim…
Of my mind
Of my body
Of my deeds
Of my choices
Of myself
I’m a victim — of my own making.

By Sinead Terblanche 

There is an unspeakable love to be found,
this I have learnt.
There are forces strong enough to lift you right off the ground,
this I have learnt.
There are moments in life to which you can never return,
this I have learnt.
There are choices with the power to destroy and burn,
this I have learnt.

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