Understanding the 3D Geometry of Happiness

Much the same way as we specify three spatial dimensions as X-dimension, Y-dimension and the Z-dimension in geometry, we may specify even happiness through three dimensions – the X-dimension of happiness, the Y-dimension of happiness and the Z-dimension of happiness of the same sort, wherein, X-dimension may be reckoned as physical happiness, Y-dimension as mental happiness and the Z-dimension as spiritual happiness.

But unlike the spatial dimensions, which are usually expressed in the (x, y, z) format we may adopt some other format for the coordinates of happiness say in the “x:y:z format”, to give it a different look – by assigning a value “zero to ten” in a manner that the happiness-coordinates of a person, who may be the happiest man of the earth are “10:10:10” and the happiness-coordinates of the unhappiest person are “0:0:0”.

The main benefit of this system lies in its ability to let us visualize the content of happiness in a very picturesque manner, as depicted in the following diagram.

I don’t think, we could have contrived a more convenient way of keeping a tab on our total happiness than this system – a system that is so familiar to us.

Having come to know that we have three types of happiness, not just one type of happiness, it would be better if we knew – what goes to make us physically happy, what goes to make us mentally happy and what goes to make us spiritually happy – one by one.

What goes to make us physically happy? 

We feel physically happy when we get any sensation in our body that thrills us.

It may be an embrace.

It may be a kiss.

It may be even a beautiful scene of snow-capped mountains, a rainbow or the shadow of the sun we may see in an ocean during sunrise or sunset or even the sound the ripples of water of brooks make when they strike against the roubles or when we get a warm welcome or when we get some award for some extraordinary work done by us.

It could be even a pleasant body-message.

It may be even through the pleasant sexual sensation we get while mating with some soul mate or any such thing.

If you are a foodie even a good platter laid down for you may thrill you.

If you have ever romanced in your life – I hope, I don’t have to tell you that nothing can warm up the cockles of your heart better than having a hearty romance with someone.

What goes to make us mentally happy?

Generally, good memories make us mentally happy.

Good friends also make us feel mentally happy.

A kind deed, done by someone in our life also makes us feel mentally happy.

If you are fond of music you may enjoy even listening to a good music of your choice.

Even a good coincidence may make you feel mentally happy.

The best thing to know more about it would be – just recall what should have made you mentally happy in the past.

What goes to make us spiritually happy?

Before I talk about spiritual happiness, I shall like to explain how we can see things in their all three dimensions even when our both eyes are closed – as if, our eyes are not closed.

Actually, we don’t have any non-biological eyes or any non-biological ears – or so to say, any non-biological nose, in our body.

Do you agree – when we see anything with our eyes it produces its image, on our retina which generates and transmits electromagnetic impulses corresponding to the contours of this image to our brain through which our brain makes out what we may have seen? 

Now just imagine what would happen if our mind replicates and sends such impulses to our brain?

Would we not be seeing the same things that we would have seen if we would have seen them through our biological eyes?

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