Tip toeing


Here but not,

Fitting in, yet standing out.

Quiet, but inside a shout.

Writing with writers block.
Privacy flew out the door,

new house, colleagues and home.

I need some quiet, some sleep, some peace.

Please just leave me alone,

I can’t handle anymore.
I’m new at work, at church and in town.

I’m finding my feet whilst feeling uncertain,

please don’t stare with a frown.

Early at night I close the curtain.
Thought of doing something ‘normal’.

Went to the town’s restaurant,

just colleagues, nothing formal.

Drinking shots to uphold the front.
A guy being everything but a gentleman,

saying: ‘Look at what I’m getting drunk’

They are everywhere, trying to be a man,

but ending up a piece of junk.
Thin walls await at home,

my dog happy to see my face,

hearing the girl next door moan,

please God, grant me with Your grace.
I need to get out but I’m stuck.

Stuck listening to the girl next door,

with the boy bouncing on the floor,

I need to get out but it’s not my luck.
I have to stay here for now,

although I’m not sure how.

Tip toeing around not to make a sound,

Living in secret, not to be found.


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