Oh Roller Coaster

Again meeting with the roller coaster.


I am slowly slipping of the track, if there is a track made for me. I know what’s right and wrong, but nothing more.

Do you experience it too?

I realize that everyone has their ups and downs, difficult days and a package loaded with problems. Do you experience it too?

Thoughts of a South African girl

We might not have a lot to offer,we are no threat to the world.Mistakes were made in the past,Thoughts of a South African girl

My life

less worried and more living.Making footprints with MY feet,no following and no blinking. My life


She lived through it all (molestation, verbal abuse, rejection, rape, a stab by a broken bottle, lost a job, jobless, mental illness, a few suicidal attempts), she just effortlessly...

Dear Time

Time is such a silly concept! Time is the most consistent inconsistent aspect in the world. Very consistent in the fact that each day has 24 hours, each hour...


So much pain, so much sorrow. So many tears, so little trust. With all that people had to endure it’s no wonder they had to build walls around their...

The bad side

Scared, confused and frustrated. Feeling everything and nothing at the same time. Mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. Feeling tired just after I’ve woken up. Wondering about and over analyzing everything. Why didn’t he like...