Those Little Prayers

Those Little Prayers

All those little prayers I send off every night

Trying to keep my eyes closed but still don’t feel alright

Somewhere deep down my heart

Those little prayers bloom hope that once had fallen apart

To be an answer to those little prayers

To help end this darkness and despair

So many things have changed so fast

Dawn of a new world yet stranger than the past

Each second and each hour of a day

Millions set on the race to their dreams

Whether good or bad, to go which way

To taste the success better what to say

My heart aches and teardrops in my eyes

Truth is somewhere disappeared in a bed of lies

Old memories faded quick and never replaced by the new ones

Cause time is barely hard to squeeze even for the loved ones

One step you inch forward, those roses filled with hues of scorn

Infantile confidence is dying even before it is born

Hope those little prayers send the angels of goodness once again

And take away this darkness, dishonesty and disdain

Hope the peace and goodwill shall restore

Upon this earth, like it was once before.

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