The Silent Strangler

The Silent Strangler

Emotional abuse, the silent strangler.
Going home, not sure what to expect.
The abuser demanding respect.
Tonight, who is going to be stronger?

Words inflicting cuts in the flesh,
cutting deeper each and every time.
Craziest thing: no blood is spilled.
By morning the breeze is fresh,
nothing happened, not a single crime.

The abuser, furious behind closed doors.
In the crowd he is the loveliest person.
Full of fun, laughter and jokes.
Maybe it’s us causing this horrific version?
Angry at tiny things not done, like chores.

He loves labeling each member,
playing you against yourself or others.
Every single word giving you a tremor.
Later resenting your sisters or brothers.

Isolation, his weapon of choice.
He surely silenced your voice.
Next step, the endless threats.
No one will know about regrets.

Children waiting for the snoring to begin,
finally they can breathe and fall asleep.
Mother lying wide awake,
thinking about the next of kin,
tired of following orders like a sheep.

Mother closing the door behind her,
leaving the children fast asleep.
Abuser waking up to the alarm’s beep,
abuse transferred to the eldest sister.