The show called Life

The show called Life

I’m so excited, I’m the lead actress in this show called Life. It’s based on everyday life, how people put on masks to disguise how they actually feel. Personally, I feel that this show demonstrates how every person who suffers from a mental or even physical illness feel like.

I’m behind the curtains ready for the show to take place. Showtime! But the curtain jammed. The director told me to wait on stage a while, just until they get this tiny problem fixed.

So, there I was, alone on stage and pumped to act for my audience of today. Only thing standing (hanging in this case) between my act and my audience, was this dark and extremely heavy curtain. At first I felt anxious, I have to get my job done for today. Then I noticed the utter silence from where the audience is supposed to make sounds out of frustration and irritability. They came here to see the show after all. After a while, I became so calm and even at peace, for there’s a possibility that I don’t need to perform with this mask today. This mask that hides the person I am, plus if I have to be brutally honest, the mask is not comfortable at all. The director walks over to me and informs me that due to the curtain, the show is indeed postponed till tomorrow.

As I stepped off stage, I immediately returned to the comfort of my bed, unmasked. No acting nor anxiety for today. I probably could have moved the curtain manually and continued with the performance, but I was just not up for it today. Honestly, I think that that’s perfectly fine for one day.

The before mentioned act is the act that many of us are compelled to perform every single day. Everyone the lead actor/actress in their very own shows called Life. The mask, it’s how we hide our true emotions and illness everyday. The stage is where we ‘perform’ in front of our colleagues, friends and family everyday. Noticed the silence? They do not exist to only see us in their day. Many times we can just unnoticeably float past them. The curtain? Well, the curtain may represent something else to you, but for me it’s that dark and heavy cloud hovering over my head more often than not. Sometimes just too heavy to sidestep, too heavy to improvise. The director, in my life is God, but may be someone else in yours. The minor details may differ but the screenplay remains the same.

Today the curtain won the battle, and that’s perfectly fine because tomorrow I will rise and win the war.

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