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The Self Love Languages

The Self-Love Languages

Physical Touch –
• Things that make your body feel good and focus on your physical wellbeing.
• Massages, Spa Days, Soft Blankets, Moving Your Body, Skin Care.

Acts of Service
• Doing things for yourself that make life easier and more structured.
• Therapy, Organizing, Cleaning, Scheduling, Delegating, Planners.

Receiving Gifts.
• Buying gifts for yourself and spending money on things that bring you joy.
• Going Out, Makeup, Vacations, Clothes, Craft Supplies, Investing in Yourself

Words of Affirmation
• Giving yourself pep talks and encouraging words by being your biggest cheerleader.
• Positive Self-Talk, Daily Affirmations, Journaling, Self-Improvement.

Quality Time –
• Spending time alone, time with your hobbies, and doing what you love.
• Meditation, Reading, Hobbies, Art, Taking yourself on dates.