The One Who Completes Me

The one who completes me

I kept searching for my better half as the world said without it I was incomplete;

now i look at you like a kid looks at melted ice cream you are the one I have waited for all these years the person who

understands emotion and writes every word learned on the page lying in some corner of her mind.

Memories that should have been long forgotten instead you choose to revisit them when you feel overwhelmed by the

present to remind you from where and how far you came.

You have grown from just a bud among thorns  to now a flower not delicate, not beautiful but the one with a scar that shows that hope has a fragrance that never fades away.

You don’t seek perfection or approval from others being kind is your priority but rudeness has never left your side

even though it has always been your last card .

You don’t fear love nor do you fear shame. I am not afraid to tell you that i have started loving you more than any other before.

I feel now complete with you as I look at you beaming and shining be it sunshine or rain through happiness and pain.

As I chose to stop looking for the person I wanted in my life instead that’s what I became! feeling complete with

someone else is temporary just like feeling cold in a stormy rain.

Feeling complete with yourself needs patience,acceptance,time and loving yourself and then you are transformed into this new powerful person that only existed virtually before in your dreams and your brain.

-By Joshna Tandel

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