Jo Tan

The One Who Completes Me

The one who completes me

Feeling complete with yourself needs patience,acceptance,time and loving yourself and then you are transformed into this new powerful person

The brave among the blind

 something she says is quite worth living for because that turns you into everything you have been looking out for. The Minds Journal

The doors that never open

She was afraid of getting attached to someone who may not need her as much as she may need him..So she kept her heart locked

The Perfect Prince

He is just addicted to you like fragrance to a flower he just doesn’t think of anything or anyone beyond you and that is quite a prince to fall for.

Angel in Hell

Underneath the sky shining bright with stars she had her mind wrapped in a blanket of fairy tales filled with love and angels ,Angel in Hell

The Burning Scars

Don’t fall for that glow on her face,she has won it from the battles she fought that you don’t know about, The Minds Journal

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Looking at the mirror she learned the best and worst of her. If there exists a person who could help. The Minds journal….

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