The Giant Shadow

The Giant Shadow

A giant shadow here comes emerging

from the cool dark late summer evening

The frolic landscape bewitched to utter silence

With no fresh flowery fragrances left to its ambience

The slender leaning pine trees can’t stop gaping

And wink at the wide golf-course view melting

The day workers travelling back their dwelling

in the realm of darkness thousand headlights flashing

The eerie katydids- and cricket-noises echoing all through

Looking at every second of advancing time

Swelling in unfathomable scale, the shadow, oh mine!

Engulfing in his thick quilt everything coming on his way

The dusking sun is all set to plunge in the cool night today

Taking back richly energized soul from the sapped bodies

The landscape now bathes in brilliant urban lamps

Like the galaxy of stars descended from the night skies

The crescent moon then shimmers overhead

watching over the half-dead town ahead

The heavy dark clouds assemble for a late-night gamble

Patronizing the dark giant shadow in his nightly kingdom.

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