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The Dating Advice Zodiac Signs Need

The Dating Advice Zodiac Signs Need

The Dating Advice Zodiac Signs Need –

ARIES: Get to know people before you invest all your energy in them

TAURUS: Stop taking every date to that one restaurant you love

GEMINI: You don’t gain any power from not saving phone numbers

CANCER: Someone venting while you nod is not a connection

LEO: Listen to people when they tell you they don’t want anything serious instead of telling yourself they’ll make an exception for you

VIRGO: Try replacing half of your critical comments with compliments

LIBRA: It’s better to be on time for a first date than to show up late with an impeccable contour that nobody will notice

SCORPIO: People are not prizes

SAGITTARIUS: Stop getting back with your ex, it won’t be ‘different this time

CAPRICORN: There are more interesting questions than”‘so what do you do?”

AQUARIUS: Sharing your thoughts is not sharing your feelings

PISCES: It’s okay if you don’t immediately fall head-over-heels

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