The Chronicle of a Writer’s Life


~“So, you’re a writer?! And the curiosity begins”~

Well Art is difficult to understand and so is an Artist’s life. Nobody is a writer by choice, it’s something written in his/her fate. Being a writer is miraculously beautiful, but sometimes it’s strange for the world to accept that. Why? Read below.


Comment#01 “So that story you wrote, it’s personal I presume, to whom it was concerned?”


Ans#01 “Just because we write, doesn’t always mean that whatever we write is about what’s going on in our lives. A writer’s thoughts aren’t all self-centered; it never works for a writer or a poet that way. We write, just for the reason that we need to do so. And believe me when I say that it comes naturally. We don’t write for the reason that we want to announce the stories of our lives, so that we could tell people what’s happening to us, and who might be responsible. No doubt words have a way of emerging from experience, but that isn’t a necessity. Words can sometimes come from oblivion as well. Solitude can be a trigger, what writers read is too, what they watch is another, and what they’re going through comes amidst of all the reasons. Maybe what makes our literary work so real is that whatever we write tends out to be directly or indirectly connected to someone out there.“


Comment#02 “You had a heart break, that’s why you write, right?”


Ans#02 “Inspiration is what we all strive for in our lives and for a writer/poet its mere soul food. I remember people asking me; “When exactly you wrote that piece, what exactly made you write that? Are you always thinking about what to write?” And there is only one answer to all such questions, its simple; it’s just about what hits a writer’s head and heart hard. Writers might find inspiration in humans, places, in some old memory, in some words from another writer, in something that has possibly happened to them, or sometimes in what they dream about. So you see, there’s a lot going on simultaneously in a writer’s life, just some heart breaking tragedy shouldn’t be given all the credits for nurturing an artist’s mind. Well, undoubtedly Love is there to change lives, and it does so in the most explicit awful way. But as Lang Leav says precisely and profoundly; “One doesn’t needs to be in love to write, but one has to be in it for once.” So that concludes that a little dose of this emotion can be a big deal for a writer / poet. But then again, all other conditions are absolutely applicable. So dear world, not all writers are heart broken.”


Comment#03 “Oh such an attention seeker, aren’t you?”


Ans#03 “It’s quite funny, when a hater sounds like that. Well, having a skill to write is a blessing, and it’s rare. And for writers; to be able of preserving life and human emotions in words, is what makes them different and unique. And those who don’t understand the reality of what words mean to a writer, they don’t have much to say, except for that famous sentence depicting dislike for no reason. Well, sincerely to all writers community, when you come across such ignorant people, just be patient and think that it’s absolutely because them poor people have failed to understand what and why we write. For clearly non-writers aren’t aware of the opulence that a writer has been inherently playing with. Thus, no harsh words for anyone, instead they should be answered nicely and precisely, that “writing ” isn’t an attention seeking task, it’s actually a gift from God. The gift that deserves to be showcased in it’s pure beautiful form. And that’s what we writers are born to do, and we will never give up on this!”



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