The Burning Man

One of the most powerful art pieces at #burningman this year: the sculpture of two adults fighting, backs to one another…yet the inner child in them both just wants to connect and love one another. Age has so many beautiful gifts, but one that I could live without is the pride and resentment we hold onto when we are in conflict with others. The forgiving, open and free spirit of children IS OUR TRUE NATURE; and I know I’ll be remembering this next time I’m feeling stubborn.
– Free and Equal

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  1. (Important Disclosure: Words in quotation marks are double entendre and should be read at surface level 1st read)
    Do "bad" people exist or is their lack of knowledge for self "Love" responsible for the (freely made) "choice" as the negative act?
    We make choices in pursuit of "Happiness" but do we know the valid "absolute truth" of what we pursue/choose with "Love?"
    Ps. All humans have this ability to freely make choices. Without free-will humans would naturally or instinctively do the “right-thing” because there is no right, wrong, and no choice made for our best interests. And most importantly, without free-will there is ultimately no choice to be made. Do you know the valid "absolute truth" of/in your Human Nature pattern? (When is the thought/mind not overlooked as what precedes the action?)