The brave among the blind

She has the soul of a warrior and the face of an angel. Her skin is Gentle and pure as snow. She  has what they call as honey-dipped glow .She is a story teller who loves telling stories when her lips kiss wine. She looks like a quiet person but has the loudest mind.strong intuition and soft voice are her favorite swords.She is an art in herself because she is a warrior who can rhyme.she has her battles not known to all ,she won some in few others she did fall. She believed in standing tall against the wrong rather than living in the world with only fancy titles and no self worth at all. She doesn’t wish to be accepted for being real and honest she knew she has always been brave but the world prefers being blind while wearing the mask that reads we are kind with all.As she rests her head in peace every night all she wants is to be better than this person she knew she was yesterday, that’s  something she says is quite worth living for because that turns you into everything you have been looking out for.

-Joshna Tandel

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