The Blue Chair

The blue chair in the corner

Seems old and loner

It shall last for ages

For it lived through half-decades.

It may seem inanimately mute or eye-sore

It doesn’t turn around anymore

Crippled limbs fastened with rotted screws and bolts

Are the old things always bound to be sold?

It was cosy and imposing some years ago

Loved much and didn’t want to let it go

Cared about it as much as a throne

And owned it like a no-man zone.

They say old connections never die

Even when life goes through low or high

Then what about the blue chair?

With empty feelings only to bear!

Why don’t you remember?

It’s also another house member

It would be there today and tomorrow

In every ounce of happiness and sorrow.

Love the blue chair the same way

When it found your house that day

Let it not drown into the blue

 For its endless services is a life due.

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