The best Way to Ruin Something..

Why do we overthink things? Why do we feel the need to second-guess what is really going on with what we think is going on? How many times have you received a text message from someone that was pretty straightforward, but you felt the need to read into the “deeper message?” Let’s be honest for a second — we all are guilty of such things. Whether it’s a flirty conversation with a guy or a “rude” text from your friend, we always think there is an alternative meaning behind these people’s words.
Think, think and Think… Think again.. Is this over thinking Ruining everything ?

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31 thoughts on “The best Way to Ruin Something..”

  1. Because we are human beings seeking acceptance in our own way .
    Let's hope that people will think before they act . Rational analytical thinker takes a look at each life situation from both point of views which are ….?

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