The Art of Letting Go

The Art of Letting Go

I was once afraid of letting go of something important to me just because I thought I needed it. I thought it belongs to me, but it felt less of me. I was afraid to let go because I was trying so hard to fight and win for it.

I tried and tried to hold on because I believe that it’s meant for me. I was afraid to let go, but holding on made me feel empty, unhappy.

Until realized I was ready to let go. And so I let go.

It was the best decision I made this year. It’s probably because it’s time to fill it with something else. Something bigger, something better, something that will make me Happier.

Now, I am Happier, Fulfilled, and Proud of Myself. And everything that I have right now is what I always wish for. I am receiving more grace than ever, and I hope you are too.

Sometimes letting go is the best thing that you have to do. It is risky, but it’s worth it.
At first, you might feel that you lose it all, but in the end, you will find Yourself.

That’s when you will know the difference between what you are getting and what you deserve. You will know how worthy you are and you never have to settle for less.

All you need is a leap of faith and everything will be possible.

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  1. Great article that says for me there’s definitely an art to this letting go which doesn’t happen until you are truly ready it takes a certain amount of building up enough safety to do so.. that let’s you know u r safe to do so .. safe to trust what’s needing to be let go of .. I believe it’s a matter of belief oneself

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