Realization Of The Ultimate Goal!

Realization Of The Ultimate Goal

As everything made of matter like me, is bounded by time and space,
But with awakening of the soul, the self is ready to face its end with grace.

Accomplishment Is A Trap

Accomplishment Is A Trap

So if you choose that you wanna do something in life – don’t try to be fixated to much on accomplishing it. Concentrate on the joy of the process.

Do We Need A Goal?

Do We Need A Goal

A goal gives direction to life, that’s what people say. It gives  meaning to life. It gives purpose to life.Do We Need A Goal?

I Hope You End Your 2017 Like This

I Hope You End Your 2017 Like This

I hope you learn to stop being so afraid. You want to make a move but you don’t want it to be the wrong one so here you are frozen and paralyzed with fear of doing anything at all.

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