Strangers Help More


Do you know what I’ve noticed? complete strangers are more inclined to help you succeed rather than people you actually know.

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  1. So true. So sad as well. I think a stranger doesnt know your fails or struggles and just wants to help out of pure kindness of heart, yet close ones may judge you because they know you.

  2. Ironically a fact most of the times! But the other side of the coin shows our own expectations to be at the base of such experiences! We tend to expect variety of responses and initiatives, from people whom we are attached to, and evaluate them as per our own perspectives. And when these standards are not met, we get hurt or disappointed :(, though many times the other person does NOT do so knowingly! On the other hand, with strangers or formal acquaintances, there are already no pre-set expectations, hence a small gesture or help seems too much :), and even in case we do not get positive response from a stranger, we dont suffer THAT MUCH!

  3. I myself don't have an answer to it, felt that personally too, but seems like i am not singular here. Maybe a strabger is a CLEAN SLATE to us. While we ask for help, they don't have past records about us, for reference or to judge, decide whether to help or not. They do that for humanity.
    On the other hand, when we ask a known person for help, this person evaluates the whole situation, our whole conduct and judges/decides whether to extend a helping hand or not. Totally is dependent on how we have behaved with them.

  4. It's because they don't their past, personality, ..etc … Once they know how they are, then that determine that if they should continue to help or not

  5. Truth 101 strangers are better than people u have known all your life that have a crab mentalities that wants to pull you down when you are there at the top…always the case to me…a blatant truth in my life…so you are not alone:-) 🙂 🙂

  6. When I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer last year, I had to join a support group – because all of my friends, one by one, abandoned me. (They'd rather watch from a distance on FB than continue to be involved.) The strangers in the support group have given me much more support than those I thought my friends. So… Yes. The meme, sadly, seems accurate.

    1. Probably your friends are not mentally and psychologically strong enough to deal with the situation or to extend their help. It is an unfortunate trend that people are afraid of diseases and they are not even ready to listen .

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