For When Spiritual Awakening Gets Lonely

For When Spiritual Awakening Gets Lonely

For When Spiritual Awakening Gets Lonely

Spiritual Awakening Can Be Fun… Until It Isn’t…

At first, the world seems beautiful, you see everything and everyone for what they truly are and represent, rather than how they present to be. You begin to step into your truth and believe that you can accomplish whatever you desire. You are ready to walk hand in hand with the Universe, roll up your sleeves, and play the game of life! This feeling is so strong for the first few months or so.


Then Reality Starts To Hit Again.

You start to realize that this newfound awareness of the beauty that is all around us, also comes with a newfound awareness of just how much karma you need to release. SO MUCH KARMA.

Queue the constant tears, the deep feeling of intense emotions, the uprooting of everything you ever knew/thought you would have forever such as jobs, relationships, etc. You get the idea. This part of the soul-cleansing can be hard to bear. Especially when you begin to feel like you are all alone. Most people who awaken to their limitless potential are going through it alone. There is most likely nobody else around you who is going through it with you.


This Part Of The Journey Is Intentional.

If there was someone else going through it at the same time as you, it would be hard not to treat that person as your rock or savior. It is ok to have a shoulder to cry on but you will most likely find that they are just a shoulder, that is it. They probably will not understand why you are acting the way you are. And you will most likely not even know how to articulate it, where to begin…is there even a beginning?


This Entire Uprooting Is Trying To Show You That The Only Rock You Need, Is You.

Even if the world falls apart, your spirit remains intact because it is limitless and eternal. You are capable of overcoming anything that is thrown at you by the universe/your soul. Remember that every emotion you feel is meant to help you evolve. Nothing can hurt you even half as much as you think it will. You will rise above just as you always have before. This time, you will do it with awareness. Knowing you are getting stronger rather than just “climbing another hill.” Nothing you do is for nothing. Keep that in mind, cry hard, feel fully, connect deeper with your soul, and walk on with your head held high.



Eniola Kolawole

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