Soul Works: The Minds Journal Collection


The Minds Journal Collection

A Service Stop For Your Soul’s Machinery

A Timeless Guide for Spiritual Awakening

Soul Works offers a philosophical exploration of how your mental, emotional and spiritual health can help you discover inner peace and live a more meaningful & satisfying life.

This remarkable and enlightening book will compel you to take a deeper look at your inner self and experience spiritual harmony through powerful quotes & carefully crafted editorials and stories on spirituality, philosophy, relationships and self-healing from hand-picked authors.

Our soul is an everlasting, infinite & boundless presence and this remarkable book inspires you to understand, appreciate and realize the full potential of the greatest creation of nature – your SOUL.

Wake up to your inner light with Soul Works!


“I would strongly recommend Soul Works to anyone struggling with love, life and self. This fascinating book opens your mind to an array of philosophical ideas and simple, practical beliefs that change your entire mindset. It inspires you to ask questions we are too afraid to ask, take a new look at yourself and your life, and understand what your soul needs.”

– Steve McCormick

“If you find yourself running all the time, then you need to run to your nearest bookstore and grab a copy of Soul Works. It will help you pause, breathe and appreciate life. Soul Works is THE book for self-realization and spiritual enrichment that everyone who is too busy for themselves must read. The book makes you take a hard look at the simple facts of life and the basic rules of the universe. It helps you realize what you are truly made of and what you are actually missing from your life – awareness of the self.”

– Eugene Mann

“We are destined to explore some books which end up completely transforming our lives and Soul Works is undoubtedly one of them. Every word in this book is geared to helping us understand the importance of our mind, heart and soul. Whether you are struggling with mental health, relationships, career, love, life or your self-identity, Linda Greyman’s new book will provide you the answer you are looking for.”

– Annette Brown

“Soul Works makes you realize how little you actually know about your inner self. The ideas, concepts & philosophies explored in this book are nothing short of transformative. It is a much-needed wake up call for anyone who’s looking to find more meaning in their lives & relationships.”

– Tim Davis

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What Is Your Soul Telling You? 

Let Soul Works help you decode the divine messages of your soul.

Soul Works is a collection of carefully curated editorials, stories and quotes that pave the way for your self discovery journey.

Soul Works helps you understand how to:

  • Listen to your soul
  • Find your life’s purpose
  • Build healthy relationships
  • Heal emotional pain & find inner peace

Create a positive mindset, practice acceptance, boost your self-esteem and find your true self, despite life’s challenges, with Soul Works.