Sorry- “ Did I mean both? I apologize and you forgive me too”

 February 06, 2019

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Acceptance of sorry will automatically happen once offence is never repeated as well as person B takes time to explain all the circumstances during which offence was done. By mere saying sorry or using the word “Sorry” you are putting a quick fix and that is the reason it is not taken seriously. And by saying sorry you are forcing other to accept your apology, which he does not want to at the moment. So it does not mean that he is bad or harsh. He is simply hurt and does not want to forgive, so forcing him to forgive would mean doing it superficially and not forgiving in real.

But what I understand is, there is far better way to express your repentance and get rid of these cliche words – Sorry, Forgive and Apologise. So stop saying these words and try saying “I WILL IMPROVE” to replace the word “Sorry”

Use – “I WILL IMPROVE” instead of “SORRY”  to create a WIN – WIN situation in your Life.

Firstly; it is an extremely positive statement to hear – ”I will improve”

Secondly; this line signifies that onus is on offender to take action(to improve or not repeat offence) versus when we say sorry we are expecting the other person to accept sorry and forgive too.

Thirdly; when offender commits by saying “I will improve”- makes it very assertive and authentic and it comes true from heart. Also now he knows that he needs to action it and then the other person who got hurt by him will feel better. By mere saying Sorry there is never a guarantee of actions to improve but definitely the person from whom Sorry is being asked feels obliged to accept or feels trapped emotionally and finally accepts the sorry and forgives.

I would always and always prefer to say “I will improve”  and would not expect the other to accept my apology or forgive me. So Keep widening the spectrum of your learning to remove blocks of limitation within you. Don’t be Sorry in words; be Sorry from Heart. Don’t “Forgive” by words but forgive when you are ready to overcome your hurt and bad emotions.

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