Sites that will be Useful for Each Student

Sites that will be Useful for Each Student

As a student, you need to digest a lot of knowledge at once, and for that, you need most useful apps that will help you not only extract useful information but also to retain and later utilize it at the best time.

Fortunately, it is a great time to be alive as we have the solution to every problem on the internet. Students have easy access to best college websites that help them through difficult times.  The web is the realm of student resources with abundant information about everything, where the student websites have the solution to all your problems. Not only these internet resources provide you the best study aid but supply you with bountiful information about the relevant fields of life that you will encounter as a student for example how to take care of your funds, how to cook, or how to fix something on your own.

Here is the list of 13 best websites for college students so they can be successful in all their endeavors:

1. Stack Exchange

This website has a collection of question-and-answers. No matter what your question is, you will find your answer on this website whether the question is about math, programming, botany, or chemistry. So if you live in Australia and need to write an essay on Canada, you will get your information here.

2. Wolfram Alpha

It is a great site for whoever is looking to solve math problems, as the “computational knowledge engine” you can calculate literally any math problem and get your data in no time. Initially, this site was free and provided a step-by-step solution to your math problems but now it charges money, and we cannot blame them.

3. Edubirdie

Most college students need professional help for writing or rewriting essays for better grades. With the tough study schedule and part-time jobs it gets difficult for students to meet the high criteria to come up with a well-written essay, this is where the website becomes helpful as you can buy essay at Edubirdie and impress your peers with improved grades as the reviews state that most students get 5 rating in the test.

4. Your university website!

Yes, just log in to your website and go through all the course catalogs and find the information you could think of.  You can get financial and scholarship help, student job boards, listings, academic calendars and much more.

5. Written Kitten

It is beyond doubt the greatest writing aid there is for all college students. You can write essays on Canada or any other country and see it get the shape of a cat. What could be more fun, right? Note that currently, the site has a bug which does not allow it to create a picture unless the word count is at least 200 so your Canada essay should be minimum 200 words long.

6. Half

As a college student, you will always need money, and this site will prove useful as it allows you to save money by buying or selling your used textbooks on it. There are similar websites, but this one is recommended as it is very easy to use with the best advantage.

7. StudyBlue

Student life is a mix of things you love and others you hate, no matter how much you hate noting down the lectures or making flashcards, you will have to do it. StudyBlue allows you to create fun flashcards and enables you to take notes wherever you want to.

8. StudentRate

This is a comprehensive site about all the available student deals and discounts whether they are on clothes, textbooks, electronic gadgets, travel, and many other things.


This is one of the most useful apps used by college students. It uses the sciences of REM cycles so to tell you by what time you should get to bed and what time you should wake up, basically calculating the optimal time for you to feel well-rested so you could perform fully during the day.

10. Habitica

The site was formerly registered as HabitRPG but has been upgraded for better tools. It comes in handy to build useful habits you need as a student. Most successful people build set of habits in order to achieve their goals; the site has more than 1,500 members now.

11. Todoist

You need to do a lot of things as a student and may not be able to keep track of all of them like writing essays on Canada or going to project meeting. This is where these websites come into play, it has a clean design, cool organizational features, and the best part is that you can sync all your tasks across several different platforms.

12. Google Calendar

It is an old and trustworthy partner of all college students. It is easy; keeps tracks of everything you put in, accessible from any browser and will remind you with your smart phone apps and will never fail you. You can enter a deadline for your Canada essay submission, and it will remind you and will keep snoozing until you are done with the task.

13. Dropbox

As a college student, you need to have cloud storage. This app keeps all of your files updated and synced, with the back up across all your electronic devices namely computers or cell phones.

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