Love- Bird

Set free the love- bird

From the tangles of rooted heart.

Let it fly high

High above the nest of clouds

Trust yourself wholeheartedly

How joyous it will be

Everything real

Far from fake posters and paintings

That covered your bedroom walls

Don’t let it become prey of fear or obsession

Don’t carry it along on a two-way highway

Let it be something as much as for you and me

Grows stronger even if it falls off a tree

Let it’s golden wings

Bask in the glorious sun

Let it taste the heavenly rain

Hope that you will see it once again

Don’t let your embers burn its feathers

Don’t let your tears weigh it down

All along what we forget is

Love- bird isn’t a thing to own

Try not to cage it in a home

Cause it will never fade away

When you let it go

All you do is wait at the door with a welcoming heart

And believe me, someday it will surely come back.

-Arun Bahadur Gurung

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